How To: Mindfulness

How To: Mindfulness

To be engulfed completely in the moment, feeling the wind against your face and the sun as it warms your skin – that is what mindfulness is.

Mindfulness is an ancient technique that originates as far back as ancient Indian literatures and is as contemporary as Yoda referring to it as he trains young Luke Skywalker. The words to describe the practice may have changed – but the intent is the same. To be focused only in the given moment.

This is tougher than what it appears to be.

Modern psychology has popularised aspects of mindfulness like mindful eating, mindful dancing, mindful running etc. But at the core of it all is being in the here and now. It means allowing your thoughts to float by like clouds in the sky, or leaves in a flowing stream.

To be in a constant state of mindfulness requires practice and here are some useful techniques that can help with this practice.

Focused breathing is the easiest way to practice this technique. Here you bring all your attention to your breath, visualise a colour entering through your nose as you breathe in and another colour leaving through your mouth as you breathe out. Bringing yourself to a pause, and using this practise is a great way to ground yourself.

Another useful practice is frequently engaging in origami. This Japanese art requires one to engage their senses in a with complete attention in a systematic flow.

When games like sudoku and connect the dots are played with the intent of completing, one is forced to bring their awareness to the given task. This clears the clutter in the mind, forcing one to be present only in the moment.

In the words of Yoda “clear your mind of questions” so you can be in the here and now so that “may the force be with you”

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