Employee Care Program

As we step into 2023, carrying forward the residue of living through a pandemic and the weight of a lockdown, we know that the way we engage with each other from here on will never be the same again. In fact, human connections are treasured now more than ever before. 

However, the past two years forced us to nimbly step out of our comfort zone and think out of the box. We adapted to new ways of working and  modified our existing skill sets to conform to them. At The Thought Co. we travelled through this transformation with our clients and now have the most intimate insight into their needs. Using our first hand understanding of our clients, we’ve formulated workshops and programs for corporates that enable a growth mindset which furthe facilitates adaptability and resilience. 

 This ongoing journey has been a ride, and we have stretched ourselves, learned through the process and continue to evolve as we work with organisations across the country.

In our Employee Care Program we provide multiple avenues of support that include support calls, team assessment, workshops, counselling and emotional care kits. 

Here our some notable organisations that have used our kits for their team members over the years. 





If you’re wondering what a partnership with The Thought Co. could mean for your organisation, get in touch with us at hello@thethoughtco.in to learn more about our services!.