Employee Engagement Experience

Saying that the recent pandemic has affected workplaces everywhere would be the understatement of the century. Organisations have had to adapt and cope with a laundry list of challenges in 2020, and employee mental health is somewhere on top of that list. Companies everywhere are beginning to realise the importance of providing emotional and mental support to their workforce. That’s where we come in.

We’re proud to say that Kaha Mind is the official mental health and emotional wellness partner (sounds like a bunch of fancy words, but hey – we mean it) for a bunch of organisations. We work with some of the best (and okay – coolest) companies in the ecosystem, and we’re really proud to help them with their collective missions. We didn’t want to name drop (blame the confidentiality-loving therapists in us), but we’re sure you’ll get great references from the people we work with.

If you’re wondering what a partnership with The Thought Co. could mean for your organization? Get in touch with us at hello@thethoughtco.in to learn more about our services.