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You Are Not Alone: Supporting Each Other Through Grief

Losing someone we love is a profound experience, leaving us with a deep sense of loneliness. Grieving can be a solitary journey, filled with a whirlwind of emotions – sadness, anger, confusion, and helplessness. It's hard to express how much our world has changed while life seems to carry on around us.

In the midst of this difficult time, you may experience unfamiliar thoughts and feelings. Questions may arise:

  • Is this normal?
  • How should I react?
  • What do I do now?

Our 10-day closed grief support group offers a safe and supportive space for you. Here, you can:

  • Share your experiences and emotions without judgment.
  • Connect with others on a similar journey through grief.
  • Find solace and understanding in each other's company.

We'll explore various topics to help you navigate the grief process:

  • Understanding your emotions and the grieving process
  • Coping with the changes in your life
  • Managing relationships with family and colleagues
  • Dealing with difficult emotions like depression
  • Finding ways to navigate holidays and special occasions
  • Creating meaningful rituals to honor your loved one

Remember, you are not alone in your grief. This group provides a supportive environment where you can connect with others who understand your journey.
This is a 10 session closed support group and the registration fee is Rs.1500 for 10 sessions.
Begins: April 7th 
Day: Sunday (we meet every Sunday for 10 Sundays)
Ends: June 9th 
Time: 11am 
Medium: Online

Join us, and let's find strength and solace together. 

  • Zena Yarde

    Zena's time working with terminally ill patients and families in palliative care deeply shaped her, fostering a profound respect for our human vulnerability in the therapy room and when confronted with loss, helping her connect on a deep and meaningful level in therapy.

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  • Anagha Anand

    Anagha is extremely passionate about interacting and helping individuals who have experienced any form of abuse. Her key areas of interest are trauma and abuse.=

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