Mental Health Awareness Weekend

The Mental Health Awareness Weekend (MHAW), initiated by The Thought Company in 2013, works towards spreading the importance of mental health and de-stigmatizing mental illness.

The lack of education, acceptance, and complete denial of the importance of mental health has led to several myths, misconceptions, and grossly distorted information; making several individuals silent sufferers. MHAW works towards breaking the stigma and creating a society with a positive understanding and healthy attitude towards mental health.

The program works on the premise of bringing mental health awareness to individuals in an open forum. This power-packed weekend hosts experts in the field of mental health; this includes art therapists, yoga therapists, psychologists, special educators, and psychiatrists. They use several mediums such as videos, documentaries, games, and presentations to communicate reliable information on the importance of mental health.

The approach is to not only engage individuals with mental health concerns, but individuals who are unaware of the importance and impact mental fitness can have on their lives.

This platform also provides individual attendees with an opportunity to connect with reliable professionals who can assist in handling queries regarding mental health and its associated behavior.