Frequently Asked Questions

Priyanka: The Founder of TTC, Priyanka is a mental health professional who specializes in clinical psychology, counseling and psychotherapy. She has previously trained in London, before pursuing her specialisation in Mumbai. Spanning a career of over ten years, Priyanka’s framework of therapy is Rogerian but she often draws on other schools of thought to better aid the client.

Zena: The Head of Programs at TTC, Zena holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology and specialises in counselling psychology humanistic orientation, informed by depth psychology in her therapeutic practice. She credits a large part of her formation to her experience in working with terminally ill patients and families in the field of Palliative Care. She believes in the transformative nature of the therapeutic alliance for the client as well as the psychologist.

Zahra: A mental health practitioner at TTC, Zahra has a specialisation in clinical psychology and adolescent mental health care. She has completed her training in Mumbai and London. Zahra is experienced in working with adolescents and young adults in various clinical setups.

Malvika: Malvika has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology and is also an Animal Assisted Therapist and Arts Based Therapist. She has also dealt with a wide range of mental health concerns and populations. Her work mainly focuses on Emotional and Social needs. She incorporates Person Centred Approach, REBT and CBT in her therapy sessions.

Sarika: The Head of Content at TTC, she is a mental health practitioner with a specialisation in Clinical Psychology. She has completed her training in Mumbai. Sarika has also volunteered at various NGOs and worked with various populations. Her approach to therapy is Rogerian. Overtime, she has worked with young and old adults in different setups.

Honestly speaking, there is no single (right) answer for how counselling works. Counselling is a unique process that is tailor-made to your individual needs and goals. Here’s the thing. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ rule does not apply here. Instead, on this journey, you'll uncover thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that are fundamental to the most important person in your life: you. Some of this might be helpful and some might also be unhelpful, but you’re at full liberty to shed those if you’d want to.

At The Thought Company, your psychologist's goal is not to tell you right from wrong, or make decisions for you, or even be your fortune teller (unfortunately, we aren’t a travelling circus). As a psychologist, our goal is to help you uncover yourself and find ways to achieve your goals, so that you can create a shift in your behaviour, emotions, and thoughts (which in turn, creates a positive shift in your life!)

It’s a popular misconception that therapy is only for those who’re struggling with mental health issues. But truth be told, therapy is for everyone. Yes, everyone. That includes you. While one may seek therapy to learn better coping skills, remember that you can also use it as a means for self-improvement and well being!

If different situations in your life cause significant distress, overwhelm you with emotions or make you feel incapable of dealing with them alone, it might be a good idea to seek help. Also, if you feel like you need it, without any ‘reason’, that’s also valid.

See, there’s no right reason to go to therapy. Many different thought processes and life challenges affect us in our daily life, and therapy gives you more space and time to explore and find new healthy ways of dealing with them!

You can contact us on our email: for enquiries.
You can also Whatsapp or call us at (+91 77180 69340).
You can also book an appointment with the link in our bio on Instagram!

We only have one bit of advice to give here: don’t be afraid to go therapy shopping! We understand that looking for a right therapist can be difficult sometimes, but it’s important to find the right match.

List down all the qualities you seek in your therapist before you start looking for one. Also, make sure you talk to them before your first session so you get an understanding of how they work (and also their personality). Don’t feel shy about talking to different therapists before you lock down on the one that works for you best! Click here watch this video where we talk about how you can go therapy-shopping.

Yes, of course! We believe that it’s very important that you know and understand your psychologist before starting your sessions with them. If you won’t buy clothes without a trial, why should choosing a therapist be any different?

Think of it this way. A preliminary call with the therapist would give you a sneak peek into how your future communications will go about. This will help you judge whether you gel with them or not, or even whether you’re comfortable getting guidance from them. Have one of our therapists in mind?

Contact us or email us at and we’ll get you in touch with the psychologist you’re invested in for a (free) 15 minute call!

Your first counselling session is going to be a lot like meeting any new health professional for the first time. It’s almost always dedicated to getting to know each other, developing a working relationship, and most importantly, learning about therapy (and how it can help you!)

At The Thought Company, we take that extra step and also send you a basic intake form before the first session so that we can get to know you better!

Click here to watch our video on what one should expect in the first therapy session!

First, you get to decide whether you want to actually continue speaking with the concerned therapist. If that’s a yes, you get to then decide the frequency of your sessions before you officially kickstart your therapeutic journey.

PS: Payments are charged in a monthly invoice after the initial session!

Here’s a quick factoid: there are no fixed number of sessions you need to get better. Your sessions only end when you decide that your goals have been reached or your concerns have been mitigated. Remember: only you get to decide!

We suggest that you first discuss this with your counselor and try to have an honest, open conversation with them. Remember that this journey of therapy is your own and you get to ultimately decide whom you chose to travel along with. At the end of it all, if you still feel like you want to change your counselor, then please email us at so that we can expedite the process for you!

Click here to watch this video where we talk how to know if a therapist is right for you.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Your journey with us at The Thought Company is 100% confidential. Remember that your privacy is important and highly valued by our whole team. Here, we have shared confidentiality with our team members, which means that your therapy sessions might be shared with the other team members in order to ensure the best practice on our part. It’s safe to say that our entire team is also bound by the same confidentiality.

Confidential incase of a minor: Incase of a minor, we might reveal certain information to the guardian, mostly to ensure the safety of said minor. The information revealed to the guardian is preferably discussed with the minor beforehand, depending upon their competency and only once consensus is reached about the information to be disclosed.

Limits to confidentiality: The counselor must breach confidentiality when they are worried about harm to yourself or others. Over at The Thought Company, you will also preferably be informed (explicitly) about the steps the counselor is going to carry out, in order to safeguard all the individuals involved.

Relationship with the counselor: Your counselor only shares a professional relationship with you. This is done not only to safeguard you from harm, but also to ensure the professional performance of the counselor!

The psychologists in our team have varying fees. The fee for each therapist is based on their expertise, experience in the field and on your concerns. We have limited slots for sliding scales (based on the client's income level) and pro bono (free) sessions. We have a few limited slots of sliding and pro bono cases for each of our psychologists.

For testing, the fee of each standardised test is different and can be discussed with you once we know the concern.

Please contact us at or Whatsapp +917718069340 for more information on the fee.

A minimum 24 hours advance notice is required for a cancelled appointment, for no fee to be levied. If informed during the 24 hour period, 50% of the counselling fee will be levied. If no information has been shared, the full fee of the session will be levied.

We appreciate you sending us a message (either text or whatsapp) on our office number (+91 77180 69340) to inform us regarding any changes with your appointment. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Not at all! Apart from therapy, The Thought Company also administers different tests, which range from IQ to personality tests. At the same time, we also conduct different workshops and modules on various topics like self-care, procrastination, sexuality, etc for anyone who’s interested!

Over at TTC, we also take great pride in conducting Employee Engagement Programs for organisations. Here, the goal is to ensure a safe space for employees to equip themselves with better intra and interpersonal skills at the organisation in question.

Unfortunately, there are a few services that go beyond our realm. Over at The Thought Company, we do not have the right resources to offer helpline services, career or study counselling, special needs education, or 24/7 emergency help. However, we have put together a list of various emergency or helpline numbers you can reach out to for immediate help (whenever and wherever you might need it).

Do check out this blogpost for more details!