The Thought Community

We spent the last two years creating an online space where everyone could feel safe - a space that would first and foremost - support and safeguard your mental health. But now, in this post-pandemic world, we’d like to step out from your phone (or laptop) screens and open our doors to an actual, physical safe space for all of you.

Introducing The Thought Community.

A (safe) space for people like you to come together to occasionally devour and dissect books (and baked goodies), occasionally watch a movie, occasionally learn grounding techniques, but almost always, expand your network to include more people like you.

But most importantly, a space for you to learn to be (and love) the best version of yourself there is.

This month, we're starting with The Reading Room  to engage in an open and safe conversation about a book we have all read (and maybe even loved) in our childhood!