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I would like to call myself a young adult, even though I am in my mid-thirties, cause adulting is hard. The tussle between learning, socialising, responsibility and freedom is exhausting.

Why should I factor in a work out everyday?

Why is meeting my friends important?

Why is responsibility essential?

These questions plague my mind at the end of an exhausting week, when escaping in a Netflix show between my sheets seems tempting.


The Good Life gives you research backed reasons for all of this. Backed by the longest scientific study of happiness psychiatrist Robert Wadinger and clinical psychologist Marc Schulz. The Good Life provides practical wisdom regarding ones pursuit of happiness.


A section of the book that demands attention is social fitness. This section emogasises the importance of cognitive flexibillity, empathy and nurturing relationships. Interpersonal and emotional skills are important, the disconnection we all experience due to the pandemic, highlights the impact loneliness has on ones mental health. To restate a thought in the book, imagine a fire alarm sounding all the time everyday and you are doing nothing about it – that is what loneliness is like. Once experiences it all the time and almost little to no attention is given to it.


Through the book Waldinger and Schulz draw insight from the life journey of their research participants. Their observation highlights the thought happiness is a process of becoming.


This book serves as a good aid for mental health professional as it is heavily laced with supportive research. The techniques discussed in the research can definitely be presented to clients struggling with motivation, interpersonal relationships and their relationship with themselves.


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Meet The Author

Meet the Author

Priyanka Varma

Priyanka believes emotional and mental health care are at the very core of us experiencing happiness in our life. Priyanka enjoys working with young adults and understanding life as it changes with intrusions like the internet and the pandemic. Above everything else her true love is homemade chocolate cake.

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