Therapy at The Thought Co.

Our team of psychologists is a collective of like-minded individuals who are trained in clinical psychology, counselling psychology or both. Our area of therapeutic focus is a reflection of our passion and the drive we have in our work.


How do we stay updated?

As therapists, we believe that learning and unlearning are constant, which is key to our therapeutic approach as we realise that mental health can be both political and social. To ensure the best quality care, all our therapists undergo regular supervision, personal therapy, actively engage in feedback from their peers & clients, and are encouraged to gain more professional qualifications. Along with practising therapy, we also do research, design products that help individuals (and organisations) with their mental health needs, conduct workshops and (try our best to) spread awareness. 


What therapeutic modality do we follow?

We engage in multiple approaches to therapy that range from the more directive forms of therapy like CBT and REBT to a few non-directive forms of therapy like person-centred therapy, narrative therapy, and expressive therapies like art-based therapy. At times, we may even work with trained therapy animals who partner as co-therapists (i.e. animal assisted therapy)! As our therapists have varied interests (and are trained in working with diverse  populations), we’re able to work with people across the  age spectrum. In fact, we are committed to making this a safe space for everyone - age, identity, race or class no bar. 

Some of the ingredients that are common in all our therapy spaces are unconditional positive regard (come as you are and we promise to accept you judgement-free), empathy (resonating with what you are feeling and being there for your needs), and congruence (PS: we are real and genuine with you!). At the end of the day, we know it's important to find a therapist that you feel safe and click with, that is why we offer free introduction calls so you (and only you) can be the true judge of how you felt while interacting with us. 

If you would like to set up an introduction call with any of our therapist you can by clicking here. We also conduct Employee Care Programs and workshops for organisations you can find out more details here.


Alternatively you can drop us a message on whatsapp at +91 7718069340