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What happens after Hello?

What happens after Hello?

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What is it?
If you’ve ever frozen after saying ‘hello’, you know that conversations can get overwhelming. Do we make small talk about the weather? How does one proceed? What should we even ask? Unfortunately, the connections you make with others is one of the more important things in life (second only to the connection you make with your inner self, but we digress). Friends, family, coworkers, even the strangers you stumble upon accidentally; have you ever wondered what could happen if you just started a conversation?.

How do you use it?
WWith three sets of carefully-curated questions, our brand new game is designed to help you strengthen your existing relationships; spark new, meaningful connections; and create wholesome memories with friends and strangers alike!

What's special?
How well do you know your best friend? What about that coworker that sits two cubicles away from you? Maybe, even your little brother? Find out using our three sets of psychologist-approved questions cards: ASSUME: Don’t just make assumptions about people, put them to the test! Use these cards to navigate judgements first impressions about each other. REFLECT: Dig a little deeper into understanding yourself and taking accountability for who you are. Disclaimer: severe introspection ahead. Be forewarned. CONNECT: Sometimes, we just need a reminder that there are things that make us human, and we’re all in this together. Use these cards wisely, because they can create peals of fun.

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With who to play?

-With strangers
-With acquaintances
-With friendsn
-With colleagues
-Anyone and everyone

This game takes you through the process of forming real conenctions. It begins with us understanding how it feels like to make assumptions and have assumptions made on us. We then take you through reflection, this is crucial element of meaningful relationships. Lastly, we take you through connection - this is where fun is involved cause any relationship that must last must always have the elememt of joy in it.
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