Ground Breaking
Ground Breaking
Ground Breaking
Ground Breaking
Ground Breaking
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Ground Breaking

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Using techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness, Ground Breaking Cards are suggestions that aid in bringing yourself in the here and now thus enabling you to manage your worry or anxiety better.
Each Deck of Cards has 
- 50 Cards
- 5 Cards to help you identify negative thought patterns
- 5 Cards with strategies for breathing 
- 10 Cards with exercises one can practice daily to aid with mindfulness 
- 30 Cards with strategies to ground yourself in the moment. 
Height: 2cm
Width: 5.5cm
Length: 8.6cm
Weight: 80gms
Illustrated by: Ruchita Doshi
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These cards enable you to identify negative thinking patters. These unhelpful patterns are the primary reason for anxious and worrisome thoughts. Along with identifying these thought pattern, these cards have suggestions of breathing techniques, activities and reflective exercises one can regularly do to manage these thoughts better. Lastly, the suggestions given enable one to immediately ground themselves to the here and now - thus disengaging from worrisome thoughts immediately.