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Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

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  • What is it about?

    Our guided journal does something many journals struggle to achieve: it makes the unconscious conscious. How so? By building a strong sense of accountability, encouraging us to reflect on our day, and actively choosing how we want to experience our day. It all sounds very utopian, doesn’t it?

    Yes, we do recognize that every day might not go as planned - there’s the occasional bad hair day that no one warned you about - but the mindset we bring to our day is what changes everything. It’s the little things. The details, like they say.

    Let’s make it simple. Think of this gratitude journal as an SIP for your mind; a (mental) fund where you’re systematically investing in healthy, realistic, and growth-focused thoughts that eventually lead to a desired shift in your number one asset: you. 

    And the icing on the top?

    There’s no constant spam from your bank reminding you to invest more.

  • How to use this journal?

    As psychologists, we’ve been wired to design with thought. We’d like to believe it’s an occupational hazard. But that’s a good thing for you. When you go through this handbook, you’ll notice that every question - and every point of reflection - is there for a reason. This isn’t just another gratitude journal, oh no, every line here comes with its very own purpose. So how do you use it every day?

    When you are documenting your day with the help of this special edition journal, you need to remember that you’re working on these five key aspects:

    1. Honouring your life
    2. Developing a growth mindset
    3. Building healthier neural networks 
    4. Learning from your experiences
    5. Actively nurturing your mind and body
  • Details:

    Language: English
    Dimensions: 13.92 x 0.89 x 19.02cm
    Number of Pages: 180

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