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The Thought Box for Depression - The Thought Co.
The Thought Box for Depression - The Thought Co.
The Thought Box for Depression - The Thought Co.
The Thought Box for Depression - The Thought Co.
The Thought Box for Depression - The Thought Co.
The Thought Co.

The Thought Box for Depression

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You’ve felt it. You’ve thought about it. You never know when it’s going to hit you next. If you already know what we’re talking about, you’ve come to the right place. But worry not, friend. When you’ve got those blues and feel like there’s not much that can turn your frown upside down, here we are, just where you need us to be. Helping you banish them, one pick-me-up at a time.

Our ‘Banish Those Blues Box’ is an emotional care kit that is curated with engaging activities and musings that guide you in working through these feelings. Backed by research and nurtured using mindfulness and cognitive behaviour techniques, every single component of this care kit comes with one primary motive: to help you work through difficult thoughts and identify healthy coping mechanisms.

This wholesome box includes five different (but equally fulfilling) types of activities: 

  • The ‘How To..’ Cards: Embark on a journey of introspection, awareness and change, using our special edition cards as your holistic guide!
  • (Self)Care Plan: Our self-directed plan is designed to help you identify your support system (and a plan of action) whenever you feel down, sad, or simply overwhelmed! PS: instant pick-me-up’s guaranteed. 
  • Reflective/Doing Prompts: These journal prompts make the cathartic experience of journaling a whole load easier! Get reminded of your silver linings as you reflect on them one by one.
  • Ups & Downs: Our fresh new take on Snakes & Ladders is rife with coping strategies, activities and reflection prompts, which nudge you to find the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel when things look like they’re getting tough!
  • Your ‘Play-doh’ happiness: Sometimes when thoughts get overwhelming, engaging our senses in a grounding activity can help. Play, ponder, and repeat until you feel happy.

Note: The box contains quick and easy activities which can not only help in the moment, but if practiced overtime and internalized, can also be fulfilling in the long run!

Remember: These activities are not meant to replace therapy, but to empower the user with skills that (better) help them take care of their mental health.