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Zena Yarde holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. She uses a humanistic orientation, informed by depth psychology in her therapeutic practice.  She credits a large part of her formation to her experience in working with terminally ill patients and families in the field of Palliative Care.

Schedule a Session with Zahra! (she/her). - Psychologist

Zahra is a mental health practitioner with a specialisation in clinical psychology.  Zahra is experienced in working with children, adolescents and young adults in various clinical setups.


Varnaya Sanghvi

Schedule a Session with Varnaya! (she/them)
- Psychologist 

 She believes that the therapeutic alliance is important to process of therapy. She strongly believes that the client — an expert of
their own life, and the therapist together can facilitate acceptance and awareness. 

Schedule a Session with Priyanka! (she/her)
- Psychologist 

Priyanka Varma is a mental health professional who specializes in clinical psychology, counseling and psychotherapy. Her experience spans over 10 years where she was worked with a wide spectrum of the population. Along the way Priyanka drew towards the concepts of self-awareness and self-acceptance that are now the foundations of her therapeutic framework.


Malvika has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology and is also an Animal Assisted Therapist and Arts Based Therapist. She has worked with a diverse range of people with a wide age range from 7 years to 90 years. and has also dealt with a wide range of mental health concern like special needs, disabilities, anxiety, depression, etc. 



Her person-centered approach empowers clients to address their challenges. She has worked extensively with individuals helping them navigate and process their trauma and abuse.