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Adulting Journal

Adulting Journal

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We already know that adulting can be quite...exhausting (and we’re only putting it mildly).
But even if you don’t, that’s okay. Whether you find the idea of ‘adulting’ alien or arduous, necessary or nightmarish, empowering or embarrassing, this journal is for you! 
See, here’s the thing. Money, relationships, change, or even the simple basics of growing up - most of us find at least one of it (if not some of it) tough to navigate. Bills, schedules, social calendars, and whatnot - there’s a reason adulting’s gained so much bad press!
But that’s where we come in. We’re here to change it. We’re here to address all your adulting-related concerns, to help you reflect and be more aware of them. We’re here to make adulting exciting, invigorating and mostly - for lack of a better word - fun.
The themes of this journal revolve around self-awareness, finance, responsibility and boundaries (yes, that’s a lot of heavy words, but hey, that’s Adulting #101!) but most importantly, the central idea will always be about helping you come into your own

Height: 2cm
Width: 15.5cm
Length: 21cm
Weight: 100gms
Illustrated by: Ruchita Doshi, Edited by: Aniruddha Mahale, Conceptualised by: The Thought Co.

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The journal touches upon 5 themes relationship with your self, relationship with money, relationship with intimacy, relationship with others and vision for yourself. You can follow the prompts in sequential order or flip through it and pick something that calls out to you. The purpose of this journal is for you to get to know you as an adult! This journal is the first in our series of journals that focus on "adulting". It encourages a bit of self-exploration, understanding our relationship with freedom, responsibility and our families (origin and chosen). This starter book begins the connection with yourself and has action plans that enable you to formulate some structure for your vision of yourself .
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