Workshops at The Thought Co.

At The Thought Co. we primarily believe in having fun! Enjoying any process through an engaging activity often leads to better learning and is more likely to create a subconscious shift in our perception, attitude & behaviour. Using this philosophy, we design all our workshops so that they focus on enjoying oneself through game-based learning (like we said, we really believe in having fun!)

Our workshops are always participation and activity-based. We use our theoretical knowledge to create activities, games and formulas that are (more) likely to register with our participants. We’ve always had the belief that learning happens as a by-product of experience. It’s not just about reading concepts, but by actively engaging and reflecting on whatever you’ve learned. We’ve never really believed in lectures, but we believe in learning through active understanding using a more hands-on approach. This way, we ensure all our participants learn through their lived experiences, leading to better understanding, experiential learning and an exponential retention of knowledge.

All our workshops go through a process of rigorous research, where it is first tested with our team (and at least two sample groups) before it reaches the floor for public consumption. We believe feedback is the best way to grow, and we consciously learn from our participant’s needs so that we can better cater to more diverse groups. 

Over the years our bank of workshops has grown manifold and we try to actively conduct a new one (along with a few older ones) once every month. The core idea behind these workshops is to help equip individuals to deal with their life skills and put them to practical use. 

In addition, all our workshops have been designed for the whole spectrum; from small group participants to  large scale corporations. Our smallest group had only 3 participants while our largest group had over 400 participants! This highlights the wide variety of activities we rely on to ensure everyone participating leaves with a bit of a difference, even if it is the tiniest bit of difference there is.

If you would like to know more about our workshops, email us at or Whatsapp us at +917718069340 for any concerns or queries. We look forward to meeting you in our workshops!