Un-hear to Listen

How often to you hear the words but miss the feeling?

How often do you feel misunderstood or misunderstand?

Things were paraphrased correctly, you thought they got it - you thought you got it but something was amiss. 


In this workshop our Senior Psychologist, Zena Yarde, will take you through the 3 components of listening:

1. Observe
2. Reflect
3. Interpret 

This workshop, like all our workshops, is activity based wherein you will get to experience and put to use these learnings. You move from knowing the theory but developing it as a skill. 

Details of the workshop:
Date: Saturday (December 17, 2022)
Time: 12.30pm to 3pm
Location: The Thought Co. (Lower Parel, Mumbai)
Fee: 750/- 


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