Psychometric Assessments

The Thought Co. also offers a wide range of psychometric assessments to aid in understanding the client’s concerns better. Our psychologists are well-trained and accurate in their administration and interpretation of the tests and aim to provide comprehensive and self-explanatory reports for our clients.

The assessments range from Personality tests, Intelligence Tests, Learning Tests, ADHD/ADD Scales, Anxiety, OCD, and Depression Inventories, Aptitude Tests, to Development Scales, and more. We have listed the tests at the end for you to have a better idea, and look for the assessment you want.

What to expect in an assessment appointment with us?

• An intake sheet would be provided to you for preliminary information about you, your emotional state, sleep, and appetite in the last week. We will also need your contact information to be able to provide your results after interpretation. After initial rapport has been established and the form has been filled, we will begin the assessment.
• The psychologist will explain the process specific to that particular assessment in simple words for you to have a clear idea of what is about to happen. The assessment is conducted in a separate cabin with just the administrator and you in complete privacy.
• During the assessment, all doubts will be answered by the administrator, and they will support you throughout the process. Towards the end, they will debrief you about what to expect after the results are handed to you, and your options from thereon.
• The duration of each test varies, and sometimes there might be more than one assessment that you have been referred for. In such a case, The Thought Co. will give you an approximate duration, but it is advisable to have an hour post the appointment-free for any unforeseeable delay.

If you like to book an appointment you can get in touch with us here.