Employee Care Program

Addressing uniqueness

Customised Care Plan

Since no two organisations are alike, we take 2x the efforts to create care plans that are tailored to help your employees like nothing else.

Qualified Mental Health professionals

Reliable Professionals

Our therapists are constantly upgrading and upskilling themselves to better help your employees reach their brightest potentials.

Experiential learning

Gamified Workshop

Our psychologist-approved workshops are here to break the myth that therapy needs to be confined to the couch. Say hello to a new kind of emotional wellbeing!

backed by science

Research Supported

Our mental health care options come backed by scientifically proven treatments & approaches - there's no space for hogwash here.

making MH care Enjoyable

Innovative MH Products

Our range of emotional care products make the concepts of mental health easy, enjoyable and something you actually feel enthusiastic about; one innovation at a time.

Employee Care made simple and effective