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Hectic Holiday Blues And How To Deal With Them : Recovery from Travel Emotional Exhaustion

The emotions that settled within me after my long-pending holiday were confusing. Despite having had a fantastic time, I found myself feeling inexplicably tired and irritable. It was as if a heavy blanket had been draped over me, weighing down my weary limbs and clouding my thoughts. I couldn't quite make sense of it. How could I feel anything other than refreshed and rejuvenated after such an amazing holiday?

I realised that the exhaustion I was experiencing went beyond mere physical fatigue. It was the accumulation of days filled with excitement, exploration, and constant movement that finally caught up with me. While the holiday had been exhilarating, it had also demanded a significant amount of energy and exertion. The relentless pace and the constant stimulation had depleted my energy reserves, leaving me feeling quite drained with emotional exhaustion.

To navigate through this emotional state, I chose to sit with my feelings of lowness and tiredness, allowing myself to fully experience them. In doing so, I discovered that alongside the weariness, there were also feelings of gratitude, thankfulness, satisfaction, and a sense of being loved and cared for. These positive emotions were intertwined with the weariness, reminding me that the emotional exhaustion I felt was a small price to pay for the treasured memories I had created.

People sometimes talk about holidays, making them feel absolutely knackered, like they need another holiday to get over the previous one. It’s important to differentiate between physical exhaustion and the emotional experiences associated with depression. While fatigue can contribute to a temporary decrease in mood, it doesn't necessarily imply a deeper emotional struggle. It is essential to acknowledge that the low mood or lack of energy and motivation was a natural response to the physical demands placed on you during the holiday.

By gaining an understanding of your hectic holiday blues, you might gain a sense of reassurance and acceptance. Knowing that the tiredness will gradually dissipate as you replenish your energy and rest. The heaviness of the emotional blanket will lift, leaving behind only the cherished moments and appreciation for the holiday you experienced.

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Zahra Diwan

Zahra has over 4 years of experience working with clients within the therapeutic framework. She works extensively with young adults, and maintains a diary on Things That Help Us which is collation of insights she gains in therapy.

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