Mindful Mornings

Mindful Mornings

The most essential part of the day is your morning time. It’s true that you are at your best during this time and undoubtedly the freshest! People from earlier times always emphasized on waking up early in order to succeed in life and remain healthy too. Yes, they were right – Early to bed, early to rise does make you healthy, wealthy, and wise!

We at TTC, wake up early everyday including holidays and here’s what we feel has benefited us:

Waking up earlier means you have time for yourself which is very, very important for us to keep on moving forward in life. There is time to –

  • Watch the nature: This is the best part of rising early. As you focus on yourself, you simultaneously watch the beautiful sunrise. There is something wonderful about these few minutes of the mornings. There is a sense of freshness, you are very calm, you hear the birds chirping, the weather is so pleasant, you are in-the-now moment, and everything about it is just beautiful. You don’t want this part of the day to end very soon. This helps in boosting my self-confidence and preparing ahead for the day.
  • Plan your day: You are the most focused and alert in the morning slot. Mentally planning your work schedule and jotting them down helps you stay organized throughout the day. When you wake up late you are always rushing and stressing about how will you get things done in time because you’ve already wasted the much-needed time in bed and woke up so late. A plan for the day on a regular basis is always nicer and helps you cut on unwanted stress.
  • Exercise: Exercising before breakfast and working hours is always a healthier and better option than exercising post work. It helps you stay alert, happier, focused throughout your day and helps you to sleep better at night. Some studies say that exercising close to bedtime dampers your quality of sleep. When you wake up early, there is time for a good energetic workout and also you tend to not procrastinate for exercise if you’re tired or not in a good mood later during the evening. You can exercise happily in the mornings without the need to hit the gym. With the pleasant weather conditions and availability of vitamin D3 that most of us lack on, working out gets free & healthier too!
  • Breakfast: After the workout session, you get ample time for breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. When you wake up late, there is no time for yourself as well as breakfast. Eating a breakfast mindfully can help you get creative, energetic, alert, and you perform better at school/work. Also once you’ve had your breakfast, you are bound to make healthier choices for lunch and snacks through the day.
  • Getting ready: This is most hurried part of your mornings. When you wake up late, the only thing you want to do is have a quick shower and leave for your work. You just pick up what’s ironed neatly and tuck that apparel in and leave sometimes even without tying your shoe laces properly. But if you do the same by waking up earlier, there is plenty of time for you to dress up and see yourself well before you leave. This gives you a feel-good factor and boosts your self-esteem unknowingly.
  • Start your day earlier than others: You can leave for work earlier than the rest of the working members and also miss on the piled up office and school traffic. Beginning your day earlier can help you get a lot more work done than when you meet people and get distracted by their talks and engage in conversations. Rising early gets you to be more productive.
  • Mental health: Studies have shown that morning people are more optimistic, positive, and satisfied in lives compared to late risers. Your quality of sleep also tends to improve when you wake up earlier, because you want to sleep earlier too, and this helps in maintaining a regular schedule of sleep-wake cycle.

Waking up early seems difficult especially for the youth. But with so many benefits mentioned above, waking up earlier is healthy for you. And with little practice every day you surely can master the skill of waking up earlier. It can start with even 15-30 minutes before your current wakeup time for those who wake up beyond 6-6:30 am.

So stay successful and healthier in both – physical and mental ways thereby, improving your life quality!

Have a ‘Good Morning’ every day!

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