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Priyanka Varma Psychologist

Priyanka Varma
Founder of TTC - Psychologist

Priyanka Varma is a mental health professional who specializes in clinical psychology, counseling and psychotherapy. She has previously trained in London and then in Mumbai. Her experience spans over 10 years where she was worked with a wide spectrum of the population. Along the way Priyanka drew towards the concepts of self-awareness and self-acceptance that are now the foundations of her therapeutic framework. She enjoys her work with young adults as they navigate the changing society triggered by technology advancement. Her research focus has been internet addiction and is now how we can use technology to better serve emotional and mental health needs of people. In addition, she is also consults at Holy Family Hospital & Global Hospitals. Her work is inclusive and driven by the need to de-stigmatize mental health. This is evidenced by her work on the Mental Health Awareness Weekend, and the Mental Health Toolbox. In addition, she is instrumental in setting up Mumbai’s longest running Support Group of Caregivers of Dementia.

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