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Zena Yarde

Zena Yarde
Head Psychologist

Zena Yarde holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and is comically serious about her own inner development and growth.  Having looked up to psychologists like Jung, Rogers, and Bowlby, she uses a humanistic orientation, informed by depth psychology in her therapeutic practice. She has experience with school and college counseling but credits a large part of her formation to her experience in working with terminally ill patients and families in the field of Palliative Care. She is also trying to play her part to lift the taboo surrounding death and dying by facilitating conversations around death through her own pet project. Interested in identifying and connecting the unique components of mental health and hygiene present in the environment and within the individual she is working on developing her understanding of the psycho -spiritual nature of human beings through her studies in Anthroposophic psychology. She tries to approach each therapy session with curiosity and interest in creating something new, and believes in the transformative nature of the therapeutic alliance for the client as well as the psychologist. She continues to enjoy this journey in her own comically melancholic, comically serious way.
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