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Malvika Lobo

A qualified Clinical Psychology with 6 years experience; she has worked with a diverse range of people with ages ranging from 7 years to 90 years. She has also dealt with a wide range of mental health concerns like special needs, disabilities, anxiety, depression, etc. Her work mainly focuses on Emotional and Social Needs. She is also trained as an Animal Assisted Therapist and an Arts Based Therapist. She incorporates Person Centred Approach, REBT and CBT in her therapy sessions. Her clients like her ability to create an equilibrium between old school and new age psychological techniques and approaches. She views every individual as having a unique requirement, and as a result sessions are accordingly planned and created to suit each individual need. Before joining The Thought Co., Malvika has worked in various schools and organisations. Apart from therapy sessions and counselling, she is also actively involved in developing workshops and awareness-building seminars. Additionally, she fosters a passion for research and has always had an inquisitive temperament. Aside from psychology, she has a passion for sailing, and has represented India in a number of national as well as international events. When she isn’t practicing psychology, she is usually out on the open seas – sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing and kayaking.

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