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The Thought Co.

Dots To Ground You

Dots To Ground You

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Height: 4cm
WidthL 7cm
Length: 10cm
Weight: 200gms

Illustrated by: Ruchita Doshi
Edited by: Aniruddha Mahale
Conceptualised by: Mental Health Professionals at The Thought Co.
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  • What is it?

    With their ability to keep us in the moment, dot-to-dot puzzles are the perfect antidote to stress. Including Practice mindful breathing as you connect the dots to reveal activities associated with healing, nurturing, and stress busting, and embark on a journey of tranquility as you finish each mandala. Plus, each finished image can be coloured-in and framed to create a beautiful piece of artwork to display.
    No longer just for kids, joining dot-to-dot is a perfect meditative exercise for adults looking to relax. Soon, you'll be practicing mindfulness and learning breathing techniques - one dot at a time.

  • How to connect the dots:

    Find a quiet place and sit down. 
    Hold the pencil (sketch pen, if you are using the reusable card) in your hand and rest it on the first dot of the diagram.
    Just breathe in and out for a few moments.
    As you drag the pencil from each dot to the next, count your breaths.
    Here’s something that might help: 5 counts breath in, 5 counts hold, 5 counts breath out, five counts hold.
    Repeat this process, one dot at time.
    After completing this, you can always color in the mandalas!

  • What's special?

    Dots To Ground You is a unique take on mindfulness breathing. True to the concept of engaging as many sense in a given moment, we've used a childhood favourite activity with a breathing technique to help ground you in the present moment. This box of cards includes 15+ vibrant activity-themed dot-to-dot puzzles and 20+ intricate and mandala patterns. 

    Our cards are based on the box breathing technique; a technique that has been proven to be useful in promoting relaxation, calmness and centering oneself.

  • Benefits:

    This quick exercise enables one to reset their breath, making it a powerful tool to banish worrying thoughts and nervousness from the body. 

    • Engage in the moment
    • Calm yourself with Mandala
    • Learn how to be more mindful
    • Get access to visual, tactile breathing
    • Fun way to practice mindfulness
    • Dots To Ground You are also portable and easy to use, making them the perfect tool to carry with you throughout the day.

    Simply draw a card when you need a quick boost of positivity and inspiration.