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The Thought Co.

Calm Box - Anxiety Relieving Tools

Calm Box - Anxiety Relieving Tools

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This item has been conceptualised by mental health professionals from The Thought Co. 
Illustration: Ruchita Doshi 
Editor: Aniruddha Mahale
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  • Why Calm Box?

    Our curated box offers diverse sensory experiences, expertly blending approaches to alleviate worry, nervousness, and anxiety. Engage multiple senses for effective grounding on a holistic journey to inner calm.

  • Worry Monster

    Your ultimate grounding and calming sensory companion. Expertly crafted for all ages, it offers a comforting, squishy texture that aids in emotional regulation, reducing worry, and promoting relaxation.

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  • Calm & Ground

    Your portable anxiety relief with essential oils - Calm & Ground. Roll, rub, and inhale to shift focus and embrace the present. Bedside or on-the-go, pamper your senses safely.

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  • Dots to Ground You

    Experience stress relief with dot-to-dot puzzles. Connect dots while practicing mindful breathing, revealing healing and stress-busting scenes. Each completed image is frame-worthy, ideal for relaxation and mindfulness.

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  • Ground Breaking

    50 cards merging CBT and mindfulness techniques. Identify negative thoughts, practice breathing, and engage in daily mindfulness exercises for enhanced worry and anxiety management.

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  • Remember:

    Our box features quick activities for immediate relief and long-term benefits when consistently practiced. Not a substitute for therapy but a tool to empower mental health self-care.

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