What's the rush?

What's the rush?

Have you ever listened to your body?

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you’ve been working non-stop, haven’t gotten one weekend to yourself or even a few hours to sit back, relax and stop your mind from running?

That feeling for me is feeling like I’m out of my body; I'm functioning, yes, and getting the task done, but it's as if I'm not in control. 

You feel your body hurt, and you recognize you need rest, but some part of you (maybe it's guilt, maybe it's compulsion) wants to keep going on. 

Have you ever asked yourself why? Have you ever asked yourself what's the worst that will happen if you JUST give yourself some time to catch up on sleep, get a massage, go for a walk and not work, or complete chores?

We live in a fast-paced world where work needs to get done, and we feel the need to deliver constantly. Keeping ourselves first or even recognizing our body going into a shutdown state is something we easily ignore or push away.

Why can't we just allow ourselves to rest? We find ourselves looking for those 20 minute naps to get us by, force ourselves to be social, and stay out more than our body allows. 

Has our FOMO gotten so bad that we can't treat ourselves to a good rest, or a day of self care? 


Meet The Author

Shipra's main areas of focus are the connections between the body and mind. She uses a trauma-informed & needs-based approach to counselling. Shipra believes in always trying to create a healthy balance between work and life.
She also loves sunsets, beaches, kittens, chai and cooking. Growing plants is her form of grounding, and she’s found to resort to Disney or the Mamma Mia soundtrack when everything else is spiraling.

Shipra Parswani, Psychologist

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