Group Work at The Thought Co.

In an increasingly isolated world, forming real human connections can get really difficult. In our group work, we encourage participants to connect with each other through empathetic conversations and active listening, and most importantly, learn how to support each other, all under the guidance of a trained therapist. 

Through genuine emotional exchanges that occur in these safe spaces, we aim to create an atmosphere of authenticity, non-judgemental listening, respect for differing opinions, and first and foremost, a space to work through our concerns. In the past, our participants have told us that they feel free to express their thoughts, ideas and feelings in these spaces!

One of the ways in which group work is practised at TTC is through our special 'Holding Space'. In our weekly sessions, people come together to talk about (and understand) their experiences over a theme chosen for the week. Quite often, we find ourselves connecting over our shared humanity and vulnerabilities that come to light through participating in this space. At the crux of it all, these spaces provide the opportunity for people to discuss their mutual experiences, leaving them feeling connected & comforted in the process.