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Unmask Yourself: Embrace Authenticity & Find Your Spark

Unmask Yourself: Embrace Authenticity & Find Your Spark

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  • What is it about?

    Ever feel like you're wearing someone else's life? This 10-day journaling adventure will be your compass, guiding you through introspective prompts to shed expectations, embrace your quirks, and finally meet the incredible person you were always meant to be.

    Unmask Yourself:

    • Discover your core values and what truly lights you up.
    • Learn to quiet the inner critic and celebrate your unique strengths.
    • Craft boundaries that empower you to live authentically.

    This is your invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, one pen stroke at a time.

  • Details:

    In this 10 day journaling odyssey we're ditching the dull!

    Uncover your authentic self with daily prompts: think childhood memories in vivid detail, poems that ignite your spirit, books with meaningful paragraps to reflect on and playful exercises that let your true colors shine.

    📅 Date: 
    June 20 (Thursday)
    ⌚ Time:
    6pm (everyday for 10 days the prompt will reach your inbox)
    🌐 Location:
    Online (Journal from the comfort of your own home!)

    From June 20th to 30th everyday at 6pm a journaling prompt will be sent to you.

  • Benefits:

    1. Find Your True North: Ditch expectations, discover your core values, and chart a course to authentic living.
    2. Embrace Your Awesome: Celebrate your quirks, quiet the inner critic, and unleash the confident, authentic you.
    3. Boundaries for Bliss: Learn to say no and prioritize your needs for a life of freedom and fulfillment.
    4. Journaling Power: Gain a powerful self-discovery tool that keeps you on your authentic path long after the workshop.
    5. Lasting Transformation: This isn't a 10-day fix, it's a lifelong journey of becoming your most authentic self but this is your first or maybe 10th step closer to it
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