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Strengthen Your Mind Muscle: A resilience strengthening programme

Strengthen Your Mind Muscle: A resilience strengthening programme

a program to aid you in building your own resilience toolkit

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  • About?

    Resilience is akin to that secret sauce, the essential ingredient in the recipe for reaching your goals. Life's kitchen isn't a perfectly smooth ride; it's more of a culinary obstacle course with unexpected ingredients and fiery pans. Think of resilience as your trusty apron, shielding you from the heat and helping you keep your cool under pressure.
    In this workshop, we'll guide you in uncovering your intent and equipping you with the skills to handle discomfort while building resilience. This workshop spans 8 Saturdays, giving you ample time to savour the discussions and practice these valuable techniques.

  • What to expect?

    • Unraveling the link between stress, distress, and resilience
    • Navigating fear, failure, and other hurdles
    • The significance of intent in situations, relationships, and life
    • Unveiling your personal intent
    • The nexus between intent and goals
    • Harnessing intent as the engine for building resilience
    • Spotting a thriving growth mindset and its supporting strategies
    • Engaging in tailored exercises and daily practices that suit you
  • Benefits?

    • Improved coping skills
    • Enhanced emotional regulation and self-awareness
    • Better mental health
    • Greater adaptability to change and unexpected challenges.
    • Stronger problem-solving abilities.
    • Increased sense of self
    • Enhanced job performance and productivity.
    • Access to practical tools and techniques for resilience building.
    • A supportive and nurturing learning environment.
  • Structure:

    You, along with your fellow participants, will come together weekly for an enriching conversation focused on building resilience. These discussions will be thoughtfully guided by a certified mental health professional. Over the span of 8 weeks, we will delve into the realm of limiting beliefs, explore effective strategies, and uncover cognitive techniques to fortify your resilience.

    Additionally, during this workshop, every participant will receive two tailored, one-on-one 30-minute sessions with a dedicated psychologist from our team. This personalized approach ensures that your individual needs and aspirations are given the utmost attention and support, fostering a journey of growth and personal development.

  • Details:

    Day: Every Saturday for 8 sessions
    Time: 10am
    Venue: Online (Google Meet)
    November (4, 11, 18, 25)
    December (2, 9, 16, 23)

  • Facilitator:

    Priyanka Varma is a mental health professional who specializes in clinical psychology, counseling and psychotherapy. She has previously trained in London and then in Mumbai. Her experience spans over 10 years where she was worked with a wide spectrum of the population.

    Along the way Priyanka drew towards the concepts of self-awareness, self-acceptance and understanding fears. This is now the foundations of her therapeutic framework. She enjoys her work with young adults, entrepreneurs as they navigate the changing society triggered by technology advancement.

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