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Journey to the centre of you! A journaling programme

Journey to the centre of you! A journaling programme

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  • About?

    Earth's composition, with its crust, mantle, and core, mirrors the complexity of our identities. Just as Earth's layers shield its core, our inner selves are protected by layers shaped over time. Delving into our core essence, marked by qualities like playfulness, curiosity, and creativity, requires introspection and self-acceptance.

    The question "Who am I at my core?" is a lifelong pursuit.

    This journaling workshop serves as a structured guide for your self-discovery journey. It facilitates peeling back layers, exploring emotions, and rediscovering your true self. While we can't answer "Who am I?" for you, we provide tools and guidance to help you embark on this transformative journey of self-exploration and acceptance.

  • Expect?

    A journaling prompt sent to your email address for 10 consecutive days. These prompts aid in you getting touch with different parts of yourself, each day will focus on a prompt related to these parts. The 10 parts are 

    1. Sadness
    2. Anger
    3. Guilt/Shame
    4. Fear
    5. Worry/Anxiety
    6. Insecurities
    7. Joy
    8. Curious
    9. Connectedness
    10. Core self

    Each prompt focuses on bringing about awareness and insight into each of these parts and the roles they play in a person’s life.
    This is inspired by the IFS model. 

  • Benefits?

    • Connecting with ignored or difficult parts of yourself and using that as entry point to deeper your self-awareness
    • Building a new perspective on the role of emotions in your life
    • Exploring the different dimensions based on your past experiences and how it contributes to your present self
    • You will learn to identify, validate and normalise parts of yourself that might feel “too much”
    • Getting to know the playful and adventurous you!
    • You will have fun!
  • Details:

    Start Date: October 16, 2023
    Duration: 10 days (consecutive days!)
    Medium: Email (the prompt will be emailed to the email address provided) Sit back and reflect from your safe space.

    Variants are available

  • Package 1

    In this you will only receive journaling prompts that will be emailed to you.

  • Package 2

    1. In this you will receive the journaling prompts to your email address.

    2. You will send you the Sunny Side-Up Affirmation Cards via post.

    View Sunny Side Up! 
  • Package 3

    1. In this you will receive the journaling prompts to your email address.

    2. You will also receiving Beginners Guide to Adulting. This is a reflective journal that is filled with exercise, reflective prompts, tips and tricks on ways to navigate adulthood.

    View Beginners Guide to Adulting 
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