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Embracing Grief with Compassion: An Empathy-Centred Training

Embracing Grief with Compassion: An Empathy-Centred Training

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What is it about?

Grief is a profound and natural response to loss. It is an experience that is universal, yet deeply personal, as each individual's journey through grief is unique. Grief brings up very strong and intense feelings yet it is not a problem to be solved rather feelings that need to be experienced.

Our workshop aims at helping therapists develop an empathetic understanding of grief. The art of walking alongside the grieving person and respecting an individual's person's process

What to expect in the workshop?

If you are a compassionate mental health professional seeking to deepen and widen the scope of your understanding of grief and it's complexities, we have specially curated an interactive Grief Training Program.

The training program is tailor-made for Mental health professionals looking to grow their expertise in supporting clients through their grieving process.

What we aim-

✔ Gain a deep affective understanding of grief and it's manifestations.

✔ Learning essential areas of focus when counselling clients who are experiencing grief.

✔ Explore various theories of grief to inform your therapeutic approach.

✔ Discover meaningful ways to help a bereaved client, honour their loved ones' memories.

Our program is experience-based and interactive, guiding you through real-life case studies and touching stories. By actively engaging in the learning process, you'll gain invaluable insights that will empower you in your practice.

📅 Date: August 26, September 2,9 & 16
⌚ Time: 10am to 12.30pm
🌐 Location: Online (Join from the comfort of your own home!)


Grief is not linear; it's a rollercoaster of emotions that can resurface unexpectedly. Moments of laughter may intermingle with tears, and that's entirely normal. Encouraging the expression of emotions, no matter how messy, helps in the journey towards healing. It's crucial to recognize that grief doesn't mean forgetting or letting go of the memories of what was lost. Instead, it's learning to carry that love and connection with the person or thing in a different way. It's the evolution of our relationship with the lost, finding ways to honor their memory while finding a new sense of normalcy in life.

  1. Building compassion for grief through Lived Experience: By placing emphasis on the lived experience of grief, this workshop enables attendees to connect emotionally with the grieving process. This heightened empathy translates into more compassionate and effective support when working with grieving individuals.
  2. Personal Growth and Self-Reflection for your practice: Participants will confront and explore their own feelings and reactions that arise when dealing with grief. This self-reflection enhances self-awareness and allows them to recognize potential biases or triggers, leading to more mindful and sensitive interactions with their clients.
  3. Understanding the Natural Process of Grief: Attendees gain a deep understanding of the natural course of grief, enabling them to provide appropriate support at each stage of the grieving journey. They learn to recognize the dynamics of grief and navigate its complexities effectively.
  4. Identifying Complicated Grieving: Participants will learn how to discern when a client's grief may be turning into a complicated or prolonged state. Recognizing the signs of complicated grieving allows for early intervention and appropriate referrals to ensure clients receive the necessary help.
  5. Navigating the Nature of Grief: Participants will gain insights into the multi-dimensional nature of grief and what to anticipate when working with clients who are experiencing grief. This knowledge empowers them to provide a more holistic and personalised approach to support.
  6. Honouring Memories and Finding New Normalcy: The workshop offers guidance on how to help clients preserve and honor the memories of their loved ones while adjusting to a new sense of normalcy. Participants will learn ways to encourage healing and growth during the grieving process.
  7. Creating a Safe Space: Participants will understand the importance of holding space for clients dealing with grief. They will learn to create a safe and compassionate environment that fosters healing, vulnerability, and emotional expression.

For those experiencing grief, it's okay to seek support, whether through friends, family, or professional counseling. Often, speaking with someone who understands grief can help facilitate the healing process and provide the space to navigate through complex emotions. In times of grief, let us embrace empathy, both for ourselves and others. By doing so, we can create a more compassionate world where we support and uplift one another, recognizing the beauty and fragility of the human experience

Day 1: Grief and Complicated Grieving We explore and the various ways people experience and express it. We will also cover complicated grief, predisposing factors prolonged reactions to loss that can interfere with daily life.
Day 2: Theories of Grief and How to Use Them. Delve into different theoretical models that explain the grieving process, such as Kübler-Ross's stages of grief or Worden's tasks of mourning. We talk about how these theories can be applied practically
Day 3: The Companioning Approach The companioning approach, which emphasises being present and attentive to those who are grieving without trying to "fix" their grief.
Day 4: Meaning Making and Self-Care We will explore opening conversations on meaning-making in the context of grief to find purpose and understanding in the face of loss. We will create a list on interventions for the same.We will also focus on the importance of self-care for the therapist.
Zena Yarde
She is our senior psychologist who never stops learning and upgrading her skill set. Zena is the most zen team member with penchant for understanding emotions, enabling you to dig deeper to understand them and creating a toolkitto help you imbibe healthy patterns.
She has Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and is comically serious about her own inner development and growth. Having looked up to psychologists like Jung, Rogers, and Bowlby, she uses a humanistic orientation, informed by depth psychology in her therapeutic practice. She credits a large part of her formation to her experience in working with terminally ill patients and families in the field of Palliative Care. She tries to approach each therapy session with curiosity and interest and believes in the transformative nature of the therapeutic alliance for the client as well as the psychologist. She continues to enjoy this journey in her own comically melancholic, comically serious way..
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