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Acing Allyship Deck of Cards

Acing Allyship Deck of Cards

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When the festive season is round the corner or you're at home alone, a staple has always been a deck of playing cards to keep your engaged. We've added our little twist to your regular deck of cards that now has meaningful facts, tips and thoughts about mental health, diversity and inclusivity in India. 

Our purpose is to get you thinking - not just about your next move but also on ways you can mindfully make kinder decisions.

Dimesnions: Height: Width: Length: Weight: Illustrated by: Sarika Karnad
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Let’s use some childlike fun to get you active and uncover the many benefits of playing with a deck of cards. Regularly engaging with a game of cards (minus the gambling) has proven many cognitive and social benefits. It acts as protective layer against age related cognitive decline, keeps you mentally alert, aids in increasing focus and problem solving skills (strategise and decide), and above all serves as opportunity to engage with others over a bit of banter.
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