Journaling for Wellness

At some point in our childhood we all may have made scrap books and journals. While that was fun, now, journaling is also used as a very powerful tool for our mental health. It helps verbalize or express our emotions, maintain a daily routine, aspirations, helps us with our nightmares, anxiety and much more.

My Body My Journal - Journaling for Wellness  

For this journey, we wanted to focus on the topic of our body. Our bodies hold emotions too and this 12 day workshop aims to focus on the awareness of our body, how it holds emotions, identifying how to hold on/release any emotion, activities of self care and release, acceptance and showing kindness for the body. Each day you'll receive a new prompt after you've submitted the previous days. We want these 12 days to be about you and getting in touch with your body and how we can be kinder towards our bodies.



Date: September 01, 2022
Price: 150/-

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