Journaling for Wellness


Who doesn’t love to journal, right?
Journal writing is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time - like a best friend that you confide in - in short, it’s a great way to understand yourself, bring about transformation and embrace yourself! That’s three wins all rolled into one (piece of paper that you write on).

Journaling is also used as a very powerful tool for our mental health. It helps us verbalize or express our emotions, maintain a daily routine, aspirations, helps us with our nightmares, anxiety and much more.

In our Journaling for Wellness section we. focus on themes we have noticed in therapy. In these specially curated 10 day self-directed online workshops, we encourage you to understand yourself better, take stock of your sense of your self, release those (emotionally heavy) blocks and embrace the healthiest thing you need in your life right now.
So let’s get journaling?

Fall in love with your self!

We're keeping the feels of Feb alive with our theme for this month! Embrace yourself, connect with yourself and most importantly fall in love with yourself. 

This journaling workshop is all about loving yourself! 

Hop on for this romantic ride! 


Details of the workshop:

Date: February 14
Duration: 10 days 
Medium: Self-directed online

Note: All journal prompts will be sent to you via email. The links will remain active for 10 days post the completion of the workshop. 

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