Accessible Therapy

Access to mental health services is difficult, it is often met with struggles like unreliable information, unreliable therapist, and expensive therapy. 

Choosing a therapist is no easy task, we recognise these struggles and have tried to create a balance between the clients needs and therapists needs. 

In order to do our bit to make therapy reliable all our therapist are a part of a rigorous training program that requires them to constantly update their skills, learn, unlearn and relearn through our in-house training programs. 

In addition, each therapist has a fixed quota of seeing clients who are struggling with finances as probono or on sliding scale that they see. There is no fixed number of slots for which a person seeking therapy can avail this service. The only requirement is honesty, respect for the therapist time and consistency. 

Lastly, we see clients online and offline thus hoping to widen our scope of reach.