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Growing and Glowing in April!

April showers bring not just flowers, but a chance to cultivate awesome habits that'll boost your mood and productivity. This month, our newsletter is all about YOU! Get ready for tips, tricks, and some serious mental health wins.
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Dorito Theory Explained: Cycle Of Unhealthy Habits

seeking short-term pleasure, like junk food, leads to unfulfillment and continued cravings. This concept can be applied to various unhealthy habits. Building tolerance for discomfort and making conscious choices for fulfilling experiences is key to breaking the cycle. Patience and compassion are crucial in this process.

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Effective Strategies For A More Supportive Inner Dialogue

The inner critic, often rooted in past experiences, can lead to self-hatred, impacting mental and physical health and relationships. Challenge negative self-talk, practice self-compassion, let go of perfectionism, and forgive yourself. Overcoming self-hatred is a journey requiring consistent effort and self-compassion.

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